Raised floors

The Bergvik ISO floor solution offers both flexibility and structural integrity in raised floor design. Why be limited by having the room layout designed around an inflexible raised floor system when the Bergvik ISO floor solution offers the ability to design the floor around your room layout preferences. The flexible design of these floors allows for variability in tile sizes and the ability to support heavy loads like cooling units and electrical equipment without the need for additional support structures.

Structural ceilings

The Bergvik ISO Flex-Grid solution is a structural T-bar ceiling grid that acts as both a return air ceiling plenum as well as a support grid, providing a cost-effective solution for use in data centres, clean rooms, labs and other environments where customers need to attach various services and loads to the underside of a ceiling structure.

Electrical distribution busway

Starline power distribution busway offers flexibility and ease of deployment that is unmatched in the market today. Various ampacity sizes of busway and many choices of tap off box options are available to suit many differing customer requirements. The Starline system offers a life time of maintenance free and flexible power distribution in the space where maintenance free is a necessity. Watch video


PiTek cabinets are architectural features of the data centre space that house the flexible layout of equipment and cabling while securing the isolation between the supply and return air paths at the rack level within the room. A wide range of sizes and accessories are available to match specific site and customer requirements. Contact

Open frame racks

PiTek two-post and four-post open frame racks and cable management provide unsurpassed strength, flexibility in design, stability and durability for supporting high density cabling and equipment. Contact

Intelligent power rails

PiTek offers a range of high quality intelligent power rail products for use in cabinets and open frame racks. These typically include basic, monitored and switched options with per rail or per port monitoring of power. Contact

Raised floor air leakage management

KoldLok Grommets are designed to help eliminate bypass airflow from cable cut-outs, increasing system cooling capacity, enabling higher density deployments and lowering energy consumption.

Rack level air leakage and airflow management

HotLok products help to eliminate bypass airflow by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets. This helps to increase system cooling capacity, enables higher density deployments and can lower energy consumption.

Aisle and room level airflow management

AisleLok products help to eliminate bypass airflow within the hot or cold aisles of a data centre. Magnetically attached panels make aisle containment easy to deploy and or change in the future. These products are designed to provide the benefits of typical aisle containment, but with greater flexibility and reduced costs of ownership.

Power monitoring

PiTek offer multiple options in both wired and wireless energy monitoring solutions that can be integrated into various locations within the electrical system of the room or building. Contact

Environmental monitoring

PiTek products include multiple options for measuring and reporting on the environmental conditions within your data centre space using both wired and wireless technologies. Contact

Asset management

The age old problem of asset management can be radically improved by using a system that allows live updates of asset location. These products offer genuine whole of life savings and efficiencies in terms of both cost and resources. Contact

ServerLift rack mountable equipment handling technology

The name ServerLift is synonymous with the need to lift and mount IT equipment into racks of varying types and sizes. This range was designed exclusively for use within data centres. They significantly reduce the cost and effort required for rack-mounting equipment and offer a much safer working environment for staff as well as the assets they are handling.

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